KTM Duke 125 New Year Offer, EMI starts from INR 5876.

KTM Duke 125 New Year Offer is an impressive combination of performance and utility. Boasting an excellent power-to-weight ratio and stylish finish design, it is ideal for daily commuters.

This Duke 125 is no mere toy; it ranks among the very best of its class and outshines many larger machines with its cutting-edge LC4 single-cylinder engine.

KTM duke 125 new year offer On road price

ktm duke 125 new year offer

The 125 Duke एक प्रीमियम एंट्री-लेवल स्ट्रीट नेकेड मोटरसाइकिल है जिसे एंट्री-लेवल स्ट्रीट उपयोग के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है। आकर्षक फ्रूटी साउंड और दमदार राइड के साथ लिक्विड-कूल्ड सिंगल-सिलेंडर इंजन द्वारा संचालित, इसमें लीन-सेंसिटिव ट्रैक्शन कंट्रोल, व्हीली कंट्रोल और एक उन्नत राइडिंग मोड भी शामिल है जो अधिक आक्रामक कॉर्नरिंग के लिए एबीएस को अक्षम करता है।

बाइक दो रंग विकल्पों इलेक्ट्रॉनिक ऑरेंज और सिरेमिक व्हाइट में आती है – प्रत्येक में इसके मेनफ्रेम और मिश्र धातु पहियों के लिए अपनी अलग छाया होती है। इसके अलावा, इसकी कीमत इसे अपनी श्रेणी में सबसे अधिक लागत प्रभावी बाइक में से एक बनाती है; इसका मुकाबला Yamaha MT-15, Suzuki Gixxer 155, TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, and Bajaj Pulsar NS200 से है।.

KTM Duke 125 EMI plan

भारत में केटीएम का सबसे ज्यादा बिकने वाला उत्पाद वर्तमान में उनका केटीएम 125 ड्यूक है, जो आकर्षक कीमत पर प्रीमियम स्टाइल और शक्तिशाली एर्गोनॉमिक्स पेश करता है। प्रभावशाली शक्ति उत्पन्न करने वाले सिंगल-सिलेंडर फोर-स्ट्रोक इंजन से सुसज्जित, यह युवा सवारों के बीच सबसे लोकप्रिय एंट्री-लेवल स्पोर्ट्स बाइक में से एक बन गई है, depending on your financing institution and credit profile you could even secure a down payment as high as 95%!

Comparative to its predecessor, the new 125 Duke features several improvements over its previous iteration. These include a newly designed split LED headlight, an adaptive color TFT dashboard that changes in response to brightness levels, and a larger Euro 4 muffler. Furthermore, it boasts a higher seat height and a larger fuel tank to accommodate its larger motor.

Yamaha MT-15, Suzuki Gixxer 155, and TVS Apache RTR 160 4V are its primary competitors in the 125cc segment. Although similarly priced, these rivals provide superior experiences. Furthermore, they’re more reliable and feature better handling; nonetheless, the 125 Duke remains an excellent choice for learners seeking an upgrade with premium features.

KTM Duke 125 Feature list

ktm duke 125 new year offer

KTM’s Duke 125 motorcycle is one of its smallest street naked bikes (or supermotos). This Euro 4 compliant liquid-cooled 124.7cc single-cylinder engine produces 14.8 horsepower at 9500rpm and maximum torque at 7800rpm; additionally, its double overhead cams and four valves ensure optimal performance with minimal emissions.

The KTM Duke 125 is an exciting bike to drive thanks to its compact design and high-performing upside-down WP suspensions. It also has a lightweight split steel trellis frame for maximum maneuverability and handling precision, along with a digital instrument panel displaying a speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, and side stand indicator.

The engine on the Duke 125 features state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection and a close ratio 6-speed transmission for unparalleled performance, fuel consumption, and handling. It features four valves per cylinder with two overhead cams as well as ultra-hard carbon-coated self-adjusting cam followers to reduce friction and extend component lifespan – making this bike one of the most powerful 125cc motorcycles available worldwide! Additionally, high-performance upside-down forks and mono-shock provide unparalleled riding comfort with precise handling for an unparalleled riding experience.

KTM Duke 125 Engine

ktm duke 125 new year offer

The 125 Duke engine provides plenty of torque and punchy acceleration. When combined with sharp steering and quality suspension, this learner bike makes for one of the top performers available today. Plus, its liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine emits an audacious sound, creating the impression that this bike is bigger than it is.

KTM has refined the 125 Duke several times since it first came out, but its basic character remains unchanged. Its engine can propel this small naked streetfighter up to more than 60 km per hour when in third gear, reaching top revs of 8800rpm.

Neevesy found the 125 Duke to be an impressively well-rounded package. Its gearbox was smooth, while its WP suspension felt sporty yet well-sprung – all but eliminating any hint of its iconic Duke series performance.

The 125 Duke is equipped with an innovative 5-inch bonded glass TFT display featuring multicolor information that is easy to read and adapts automatically to ambient light conditions. Furthermore, you can tether your smartphone and manage music playback and phone calls using its built-in display as well as take advantage of its turn-by-turn navigation function to arrive at your destination faster.

KTM Duke 125 Suspension and brake

ktm duke 125 new year offer

The 125 Duke is designed to be tough and rugged. Its suspension is sporty yet well-sprung, unlike some softer 125s on the market. Furthermore, WP shock absorbers allow users to set preload settings while white hand levers can be adjusted for reach adjustments. Finally, its advanced brake system includes cornering ABS with Supermoto mode braking for learner-legal 125cc motorcycles.

This engine features a single-cylinder with fuel injection and 6-speed transmission for class-leading performance in its category. Reaching 100kmph just over 8000rpm, its ride remains comfortable enough for long hauls compared to other KTM models.

KTM is set to unveil an updated 125 Duke, with spy shots showing an almost production-ready model. It boasts a new chassis, a more powerful engine, updated brakes, and smartphone connectivity features for controlling music and phone calls via the 5-inch TFT dashboard. Furthermore, riders will have control of music streaming as well as phone calls via smartphone connectivity via smartphone integration functions on this bike. 125 Duke will feature a dual overhead camshaft setup like its bigger 390 counterparts and can be customized further through accessories like crash bars and quick shifters.

KTM Duke 125 Mileage

KTM recently unveiled its entry-level performance bike, the KTM 125 Duke. Boasting a small 124cc engine that produces high power for city driving conditions and featuring a sleek design that stands out among its peers, this stunning motorcycle will turn heads wherever it travels. Also boasts cutting-edge technology and features modern aesthetics. Furthermore, there has recently been introduced an option that offers lower down payment schemes to potential buyers.

The new 125 Duke is an exceptional upgrade over its predecessor, boasting an updated BS6.2 engine and modern paint scheme. Additionally, it comes equipped with an improved suspension setup, including WP 43mm front USD forks and a single rear shock that provides more plantedness and stability than that found on MTs. It even sports an updated seat design and a more comfortable ride.

It comes equipped with WP 43 mm front USD forks to give more communicative handling as well as WP 43 mm front USD forks for enhanced communicative handling over its predecessor’s rigid frame; finally, its trellis frame stiffens more precisely than that found on MT’s, providing more communicative handling as well as WP 43 mm front USD forks which make the ride feel planted and stable than its counterpart; additionally, WP 43 mm front USD forks make the MT’s.

The 125 Duke is a powerful and exciting ride for novice drivers, boasting excellent brakes that allow it to easily manage heavy loads. As an entry-level performance bike, it makes an excellent first choice, but may be unsuitable for daily commuting due to being costly to service and maintain; initial servicing costs PS250 while subsequent services average PS400 each time.

KTM Duke 125 Rivals

KTM has further improved the Duke 125’s handling and steering by equipping it with a steel trellis frame, bolt-on subframe, and lattice swingarm, all giving it an individual look. Furthermore, its roomy and comfortable riding position with canted forward seating shifts more weight onto its front wheel compared to previous years; also, its 300mm front disc and 230mm rear disc combined with single channel ABS offer great stopping power.

The Duke 125 is a premium motorcycle in the 125cc segment. Its rivals include Yamaha’s MCN Award-winning, yet more costly MT-15; Aprilia Tuono 125 (at the time of writing, it cost PS100 more than KTM’s Duke); and TVS Apache 200, all three offering similar performance while being more practical options than KTM’s offering.

Though priced higher than its peers, the Duke 125 remains an enjoyable ride that you can use daily for commutes and fun rides around town. However, its premium price point means it would be wiser to consider other alternatives in the market for more utilitarian applications if possible; additionally, its engine and design don’t match what would be expected from KTM bikes; yet still making this Duke an attractive option for teens looking for an entertaining on-road experience.

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