Vivek Bindra Income: Wonder! How Much Does He Make?

Vivek Bindra income has come to highlight due to the recent controversies on him. Vivek Bindra is a well-known business trainer and motivational speaker with a large social media following and millions of views on his YouTube videos.

He is the CEO and founder of Bada Business Private Limited and an established business leadership consultant, trainer, and motivational coach.

Early Life & Education

Vivek Bindra Income

Vivek Bindra is an esteemed motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO coach renowned for helping individuals realize their true potential and become their best versions. Additionally, his YouTube channel has earned him immense popularity throughout India.

Bindra did not allow his turbulent childhood to affect him, even after his father passed away and his mother soon after remarried and began a new family. Although often feeling alone due to her preoccupation with their new lives, Bindra managed to complete school at St Xavier’s High School in Delhi before enrolling at Amity University Noida to study his Master of Business Administration course, where he discovered Bhagavad Gita and gained insight into spirituality – eventually receiving an honorary doctorate from OIUM University Colombo!.

Bindra’s life journey has served as an inspiration to millions worldwide. He believes that success cannot be achieved alone and needs their team’s support to reach their goals. Through YouTube videos, he offers tips and strategies on overcoming challenges and building successful careers while inspiring people to pursue their passions and never give up!.

In his recent video, he addresses the dangers associated with pyramid schemes and direct selling scams, noting how these can cause severe financial loss as well as mental health problems for victims. If anyone falls victim to these scams, legal assistance should be sought immediately to seek justice for themselves and their loved ones.

Vivek Bindra currently boasts an estimated net worth of 90 crore rupees and earns a monthly income of 85 lakhs and annual revenue of 10 crores. As founder and CEO of Bada Business Private Limited – offering online business coaching courses for entrepreneurs – his lectures have inspired many to follow their dreams and pursue them; hopefully, as more start their own businesses, the economy of India will thrive more fully.

Vivek Bindra Net Worth

Vivek Bindra Income

Vivek Bindra is a motivational speaker and business coach renowned for his YouTube videos, which boast millions of views online. Furthermore, his company, Bada Business, provides training on various subjects while developing people’s business skills – both of which he serves in his New Delhi-based operations.

Various sources have estimated Vivek Bindra’s net worth to be in the region of $11 Million. This estimate includes income earned through motivational talks, his company, and book sales on various topics related to leadership and management.

Over time, he has also made investments that have increased his net worth, but market conditions and other factors may alter it significantly. If he invests in real estate or another asset class, such as art or wine, these investments could dramatically increase or decrease.

Bindra remains humble despite his success. He regularly gives back to the community through working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). He has received several awards and accolades for these contributions, particularly in Delhi, where he holds strong ties. Additionally, Bindra is known as an inspiring motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

Vivek Bindra’s story is one of hard work and perseverance. Having overcome obstacles to reach his goals and become an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, his message of resilience resonates with audiences worldwide and allows him to help others realize their dreams and maximize their potential.

Bindra has long been one of the most beloved motivational speakers. Recently, however, he found himself embroiled in an argument with fellow motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari over a business course Bindra offered on his website; they disagreed over both its fee structure and results; as their fight escalated, it resulted in a viral video that led many people accusing Bindra of scamming them out of money.

Sandeep Maheshwari And Vivek Bindra Controversy

Vivek Bindra Income

Bindra is well-known for his leadership development content and large online following, earning a solid following on social media as a result of it. Additionally, he has written multiple books on entrepreneurship. Bindra makes good money through public speaking workshops, training programs, and speaking engagements at significant corporate events and conferences; his books on entrepreneurial management also generate revenue.

He reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of more than Rs90 crore, most of which comes from investments and properties. Additionally, his income streams mainly from motivational speaking fees of approximately Rs80 lakh each month and Bada Business’s estimated monthly revenue of Rs5 crore.

Bada Business recently came under scrutiny following allegations of misleading students by overstating earnings potential, charging high fees for courses that often do not work, and employing questionable marketing tactics.

Sandeep Maheshwari recently addressed this topic on YouTube, noting how many individuals had been devastated after falling prey to this scheme. He shared several testimonials from victims – one being an individual who committed suicide as a result.

Bindra responded to Maheshwari’s video by posting his YouTube response and calling him a ‘Janeman.’ Bindra challenged Maheshwari to come on his show and clear any doubts of his audience.

Bindra used the video to address Maheshwari’s allegations by responding directly and answering each of his questions step by step, asserting his readiness to face criticism from critics while showing support for Maheshwari despite claims by him and others that they were being pressured into taking down Bindra’s video. It quickly went viral, being shared thousands of times online; Maheshwari claimed he felt pressured by others to remove it before publishing another video referencing Bindra’s initial video.

Vivek Bindra and His Wife Controversy

Vivek Bindra, a social media influencer and entrepreneur from Noida’s Supernova West Residency is facing domestic violence allegations from his wife’s brother Vaibhav Kwatra. Kwatra registered an FIR at Noida Sector 126 police station after Bindra allegedly beat Yanika just days after their wedding, reports indicate. The FIR was registered by Kwatra who claimed it happened at Supernova West Residency where Bindra lives together with Yanika.

According to the FIR, on December 7 a heated argument erupted between Bindra and his mother Prabha. When Yanika intervened in this debate, she was physically attacked by him – suffering deep wounds on her body as well as having her eardrum rupture. According to this complaint, Bindra locked his sister into a room before verbally and physically abusing her, leaving her with injuries all over her body.

Bindra has made his mark as an authority on leadership development through YouTube videos with over one million subscribers, live workshops he hosted as well as having an impressive following on Instagram and was recently embroiled in a dispute with motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari over an alleged scam scheme.

Maheshwari launched a video series called the Big Scam Expose on YouTube and claimed that Bindra was running an unlawful business course with fake testimonials from students. Bindra denied these allegations and attacked Maheshwari for trying to destroy his reputation; he uploaded his own counter video.

Vivek Bindra Income Business

He is an esteemed motivational speaker and business coach who has helped numerous people to realize their goals. His books on business and coaching have also gained enormous popularity with readers due to his practical solutions for achieving success in your life. Furthermore, he stresses the significance of self-development for individuals’ well-being.

As well as being an inspirational speaker, he founded his academy for education and consulting. In addition to authoring numerous books and holding the world’s most significant online events on personal branding and passive income, his business skills and experiences have taken his career to new heights, working as both a corporate trainer and now a global leader in coaching and leadership training.

Vivek Bindra has built up an immense business empire both domestically and abroad. As CEO and founder of Bada Business, his YouTube channel boasts over 21.4 million subscribers, his business training company boasts clients from 25 different nations, and he authorized ten highly influential books.

While certain aspects of his life remain private, his journey serves as an inspiration to all. He has overcome numerous hurdles and uses that experience to motivate audiences with motivational talks.

Vivek Bindra has succeeded as an entrepreneur in various ways, from investments in multiple companies to running his own consultancy and business training program and giving motivational speeches. He has managed to amass wealth.

While he has achieved much, he is not free of controversy and scams. Involvement with a pyramid scheme led to damage to his reputation; some students even contemplated suicide when their money wasn’t returned to them. Furthermore, scandalous situations pushed him towards bankruptcy.

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